Three Types of Medicine of Optimal Health Part III

Lastly, we will talk about Soul Medicine Modalities:

Soul Medicine relates our understanding of a Higher Purpose for life. Many times we are raised in religious homes that represent doctrine that we no longer agree with. It is really important to physical health to have analyzed the belief systems we were taught in our youth to see if they still align with who we are today.

Meditation is a great way to hear your inner voice. There are so many resources for learning meditative techniques, again it is about finding what works for you.

Finding true purpose in your daily life, is a key to happiness. Your happiness can come from hobbies like gardening, painting, dancing, writing or cooking can be Soul Medicine! Or finding a way to volunteer time, with elderly or homeless can truly give a sense of fulfilment and community.

Reading books that are informational, or a fictional book that allows fulfillment of wanderlust are all ways to indulge that parts that need to relax.

If you choose to work in therapy, you will begin to have new thoughts pop up in your mind. Journaling your daydreams is the best way to keep track of your progress. There is no way to remember everything you are thinking, learning, processing so documenting become critical to developing this part of a healing journey. Writing by hand, is old school but gives you the time you need to deeply connect.

Dream Journaling is another excellent way to reach the Body/Mind connection. This will take time, sometimes months of documenting. You WILL REMEMBER more of your dreams as you begin to make an effort to record them. Get a Dream Interpretation book to help you understand the symbolic nature of dreams. Sometimes dreams are literal, other times they are pure symbology but you will begin to see patterns appear in your writing that help you gain a deeper understanding of how to continue to define your highest purpose, your mission in life.

Medicine for the People comes in so many modalities today. These Medicines I’ve listed here, all flow together. So if you choose to try one, try 2 or 3 at once. Be patient with yourself and your healing.

Whatever it is that you need healing from, didn’t happen overnight, so don’t give up too fast. Find what works for you but stay active and know that there is hope for healing from pain. Find support systems with professionals and your loved ones. You have to take care of yourself because, this is the only body you get this time around.

Ana Mony, Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.H.t) Reiki Master, Business Management Analyst

CoFounder Medicinal Marketplace LLC.

Vibe with Your Trybe 


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